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Player Responsibilities

  1. Obey the following rules, terms, and conditions
  2. No unauthorized client side mods
  3. Respect authority, administrators and moderators - as determined by Digilue, Dark_Arc, RichRick18, and darkkrai13*
  4. Respect the game, website, mumble server, and other players
  5. Engage in proper conduct (to be determined by administrators)
* These names are subject to change at any time with or without notification. A player's administrator status can change at anytime.

Policy & Creed

All players and administrators must agree to the following rules, terms, and conditions in this policy and are responsible to report the misuse of this server. Misuse is defined as any violations of this policy or any other use that is not in this policy, but has the effect of harming others property and/or creations. If a user suspects his or her property, or creations are being destroyed, removed, or tampered with by an unauthorized person excluding admin and moderators, the user will immediately inform a system moderator or administrator. All players must report the use of inappropriate material being addressed, written, or made to the administrators as soon as possible. Inappropriate material is anything made, written, or addressed as defined by the administrators. Do not reveal personal information, such as your address, telephone number, name, etc. It is against this policy to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the server, server files,website, or our mumble server.

Unacceptable Uses

  1. Anything that violates any law in any way shape or form, encouraging others to violate any law in any way shape or form, or providing instructions of unlawful activity.
  2. Transmission of offensive, obscene, or harassing messages.
  3. Using another persons user-name or account is prohibited.
  4. Searching, reading, copying, altering, or deleting another persons property, creations, signs, etc. However, moderators, and administrators may do so if deemed necessary by administrators.
  5. No interception or collections of user passwords.
  6. No sending messages, sharing a file, or posting anything with the intent or the result of harming another individual. This includes harassment, intimidation, threats, defamation, or violation of privacy, etc. It is prohibited to spam, or send bulk messages after the recipient asks you to stop.
  7. No use of an account for financial gain by any means.
  8. No designing, creating, installing, storing, releasing, etc. of any material that could harm another player or their computer.
  9. No personally identifiable information concerning another player may be disclosed or used in anyway in the game or website.
  10. No use of trademarks, or copyrighted material are to be used within the game, forums, or website etc.


By agreeing to this policy, the user, or in case of the user being under the age of 18, the parent’s/legal guardian’s are taking full responsibility for their actions, messages, posts, or any other implication that the admin and moderators deem disorderly. The user and/or parent(s)/legal guardian(s) cannot hold the administrators of the server accountable for any loss, claims, costs, damages, or law suits etc. resulting from the user’s access to the server including but not limited to any fee’s or charges incurred through the purchase of goods, or services by the user. The user or in a case where the user is under the age of 18, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) agree to cooperate with the administrators in the event of initiating or continuing an investigation of a user’s use of his or her access to the server. If any user violates this policy or anything not listed, but that is deemed inappropriate conduct or misuse as defined by the administrators, including but not limited to deception and word play, he or she may be kicked and/or banned from the server and website. Legal action may be taken if deemed necessary by administrators.

If in the case of a donation the user doesn’t receive their defined reward, there are no refunds, but the administrators will attempt compensate the user for their loss. In the case of donations the user must be 18 or older, or have parent(s)/legal guardian(s) consent, the administrators can not be held responsible for any unauthorized donations. We reserve the right to remove any reward(s) obtained via any donations from the player or the store at any time with or without notification for any reason an administrator sees fit.

We withhold the right to add/change/remove any plugin and to impose new fees and to wave fees for players at any time with or without notification. We also withhold the right to restart the server at anytime and are not accountable for any losses that occur from said restart or any other means.

We withhold the right to add/change/remove any non-copy written material, such as texture packs, skins, etc. We have the right to impose any in game rules of any type at anytime. You agree not to sell, duplicate, reproduce or exploit any part of the server without the express written permission of the administrators. This includes, but is not limited to intellectual and/or created property, .etc.


If you have any questions or concerns about the server, or the terms and conditions. You can contact us through our website. (

Policy Updates

Administrators withhold the right to change the terms and conditions with or without notification.

Agreement Terms

By accepting this agreement you agree to be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of your parent(s)/legal guardian(s).