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Building Codes

1. Building height cannot exceed layer 96
2. Member's beginning plots are 2x2 unless more land is bought
3. Admin have the right to remove unsightly blemishes from houses
4. If chests/doors are not locked they can be accessed by anyone
5. Alteration of the building's exterior will be subject of approval by admin
6. Infringement upon the street by the player or his/her belongings is forbidden
7. House interiors should be up kept and nice (please keep your houses nice it benefits everyone in your district)
8. Animals that wonder from a players property are fair game for public use and/or death
9. Houses and properties cannot combined unless approved by admin
10. Shops are not to be kept within the housing district
11. Any redstone or craftbook devices are not to expand over the players plot boundaries
12. Gardens/farms should be kept out of sight unless it is permitted by admin
13. No single column towers
14. Symbols should be kept out of sight unless it is permitted
15. Multiple players can live within a house, unless admin deem it wrongful

Rules are subject to change at anytime. Notices will be given in the form of signs by your door. You have seven(7) days after the notice has been placed to have the changes made. Special permissions can be reviewed upon request but do not have to be granted. If changes are not made, admin withhold the right to make the necessary changes upon the players property with or without refund. Admin are obligated to return all materials destroyed but are not required. Admin reserve the right to change these rules for particular players if they want to. If you have any questions or would like special permissions please contact your local admin/moderator. Requests are just requests and we as admin will do our best to accommodate your request, unless we deem it unfit or in bad taste.

If you would like to request to amend a rule, add a new one, or would like on removed, please comment down below and give some reasons why! We love to get feedback from our players!!!
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